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Space Truckin’

My latest audio release is available now and starts off a new series.  This will be something different in what I have been releasing.  It is a Sci/Fi web series.  Each installment will be available as a short story in the library before an audiobook is down.  They are all small stories, self contained and will each tell a new part of the story surrounding Will, one of the first space truckers as he fights just to get by.  His job isn’t easy.  As Will says, ‘space truckin’ ain’t easy.”

Space Truckin’: Book 1
Free Fall
Available in the library as well as Kindle and Audible
Audible version narrated by John Pirhalla



Marlar Friday?

It must be Marlar Friday as both ‘Saying Goodbye’ and ‘Spiders in from the Garden’ are now available on Audible. Both these audio stories are narrated by Darren Marlar and are both fantastic. He has brought both of these stories to life in ways that I had not thought possible. 

Visit Audible today and download your copy.

Saying Goodbye
Spiders in from the Garden

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